Hello There! 

 I am Clara Turing, your new favorite temporary girlfriend. 

West Coast Grown and East Coast educated, I contain multitudes and jokes.
Standing 5ft with one sock on, curly-haired and vivacious I am a force of personality soul, and wit.

If you are partial to things like hatch chilies, scotch, cyberpunk, bright colors, or even embrace maximalism – I am your girl.
Seattle is my home base – but I have left more than a handful of cashmere scarves and silk underwear in a myriad of cities- like San Francisco, New York, Portland, DC, London, Paris, Tokyo and many more.

I am a bi-coastal babe, often in a plane flying to and from places known and unknown.

I honor both the cerebral and corporeal.  Physicality is just as sacred to me as the cerebral connections.

Dicks and Derrida, Lube and Lacan,
Cunnilngus and Chomsky.

I  have an open relationship with academics.
As a perpetual student, I am often deep inside a rabbit hole of a subject- so feel free to ask me what I am reading.

As a triple Aquarian- who doesn’t always believe in that type of thing, as an INFJ who also doesn’t always believe in that type of thing- I am most often found with my nose in a book about microloans while wearing jewelry found at Bangkok side streets.

I also think it is important to note- I talk a bit fast for the majority of people (New Yorkers excluded) am a natural raconteur, and am highly effervescent and enthusiastic.   

This can take folks by surprise since I think a lot of times online communication can be “super serious” business- so it can be a tad disconcerting when a whole person is a ray of sunshine in a bodysuit.

The Turing Time 

 Every single person approaches this type of things quite differently.  To me, time is an investment and I want each lovely that I have a chance of meeting to feel like Jordan Belfort, (pre yacht explosion of course. ) 


My communication style tends to be what I like to call Breezy British. (blame living in London for ages)

I am quite causal and cheeky,  but also direct and discreet If you want to speak on the phone I do offer phone calls for an  nominal fee.  Find out more HERE. 




I do wear glasses in person, but they do come off during fun times. I always wear my hair in its natural curly state.
It changes in shade, I share updated photos on my Twitter- HERE. 

If we are meeting inside for the first time, I prefer meeting you in robe and lingerie.

If you prefer a more proper outfit, just let me know.

I shave/wax my armpits and bikini area when  *I*  feel the need for a change.  If you are super concerned about another person’s body hair- I am not the person for you.


Time Together

Due to SESTA,  I do not openly publish what I do physical activity-wise.

What I can do is after light screening, we can book a phone call for $100 to discuss our compatibility.

Half of this rate acts as a deposit. Pretty neat!

If you are not concerned with the nitty gritty details but want to double check out compatability or just shoot the shit- that works perfect. 

Our time  is usually spent with 5-10 mins of couch time aka getting to know each other. If you prefer not to do this, or want more of this, just let me know.

Hellos, Travel Notices and More
Hellos, Travel Notices and More