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       Standing 5ft with one sock on, curly haired and vivacious I am a force of personality soul and wit. 

Words used to describe my body type have been- curvy, boobielicous, soft, feminine.  

    Muscles built from decades of ballet, tap, gymnastics, and most recently hiking and yoga sit below a layer of cushion built from my epicurean  obsessions. 

The most important part of my body is the soft wet pink thing between my ears.

         Seattle is my home base – but I have left more than a handful of cashmere scarves and silk underwear in a myriad of cities- like San Francisco, New York, Portland, DC, London, Paris, Tokyo and many more.

I am a travel sized human and can be found  flying to and from places known and unknown.   I find that through learning about others we can only truly understand ourselves. 

 Due to my history in somatic bodywork and yogic leanings, the physicality of bodies is something I am attuned to.  This paired with being a perpetual student- creates a duality where both the corporal and cerebral are honored equally.  

As a triple Aquarian- who doesn’t always believe in that type of thing, as an INFJ who also doesn’t always believe in that type of thing- I am most often found with my nose in a book about microloans while wearing jewelry found at Bangkok side streets.

I am a natural raconteur, and am a highly effervescent and enthusiastic partner in bed and in life.  




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