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You’re a busy person , your time valuable . 

Constantly on the move, your mind running faster than a swimsuit model on a peloton, a checklist of things to get done, plane and train schedules, upcoming meetings- both Zoom and in person- 

                All of these things distract you from the truth at hand. 

You still want something else, you crave something else to fill your time with .

I know this feeling well. 

For I as well have a color coordinated google calendar, one million unread slack messages and other things to attend to.

I even added school back on my plate starting in October. 

However I find it imperative, perhaps due to my yogic leanings, to be present with pleasure. 

This is what you are longing for. 

You’ve accomplished most, if not all, of what you’ve set out to do. 

You are well respected, well heeled perhaps, 

       But are you … satisfied? 

Not in the cheeky Mick Jager way- but in the way that feels nourishing to you.

If not- you are about to be.

Has your routine day ever been truly made by meeting an impish girl with curls and curves? 

Have you ever found the cure to your common day? 

Have you ever held the quaking softness of someone with a hedonistic heart and shelves full of books? 

     Are you looking for something a bit off the beaten path, something that ignites your spontaneity inside you ? 

I see you. I see you how you truly are. 

If you have ever wandered around an unfamiliar city with only a wallet and an empty stomach- and found the perfect fusion bistro to satisfy the twin needs of curiosity and hunger – you know the delight and surprise of meeting me for the first time. 

Allow yourself the beautiful happenstance of chance meetings. 

You wish you had time to sail or fly around around the world, but find much of your time spoken for – a close second interlude, seeing myself – who is not only a sparking raconteuse, but has dark soft eyes, creamy soft thighs, and is stacked like the Bodleian. 

Let’s riff about mycology or metaphysics, unless perhaps classic literature is more your style, I can switch it up easily. 

My vast knowledge is not only from name droppable institutions, but from deep contact with ego death, hiking solo for weeks at a time, meditation retreats, but also holding space for people in my life.

If we are truly in sync with our stichomythia- then you must have the same eagerness and curiosity as I have for learning ; I am guessing by now you do , then you do also, most likely gravitate toward the unknown. 

I have a secret: the unknown whispers back. The unknown is, maybe, a personable femme fatale.

A mystery with a sense of humor. 

A soft embrace and a warm kiss from a cerebral and sensual creature that welcomes you home and right into your and our next adventure. 

Let’s play hooky from the ordinary world

and see what new mythology

we can co-create in our own pocket universe.

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