West Coast Grown and East Coast Educated, I contain multitudes and jokes.

 Standing 5ft with one sock on, curly haired and vivacious I am a force of personality soul and wit.

  If you are partial to things like hatch chilies, scotch, cyberpunk,  bright colors or even embrace maximinimalism- I am your girl.   

​          Seattle is my home base – but I have left more than a handful of cashmere scarves and silk underwear in a myriad of cities- like San Francisco, New York, Portland, DC, London, Paris, Tokyo and many more.   

 I am a bi -coastal babe, often in a plane flying to and from places known and unknown. 

I honor both the  cerebral and corporeal.  Physicality  is just as sacred to me as the cerebral connections.

Dicks and Derrida, Lube and Lacan,  Cunniligus and Chomsky.

    I  have an open relationship with academica.  As a perpetual student, I am often deep inside a rabbit hole of a subject- so feel free to ask me what I am reading.

I am on the shorter side- 5’1, naturally curly hair that I never straighten, glasses that I only take off for business time reasons and a devious smirk that you will adore. 

     As a triple Aquarian- who doesn’t always believe in that type of thing, as an INFJ who also doesn’t always believe in that type of thing- I am most often found with my nose in a book about micro loans while wearing jewelry found at Bangkok side streets.

I also think it is important to note- I talk fast, a natural raconteur and am highly effervescent and enthusiastic.  

This can take folks by surprise since I think a lot of times online communication can be “super serious” business- so it can be a tad disconcerting when a whole person is a ray of sunshine in a bodysuit.

The Turing Time 

 Every single person approaches this type of things quite differently.  To me, time is an investment and I want each lovely that I have a chance of meeting to feel like Jordan Belfort, (pre yacht explosion of course. ) 



My communication style tends to be what I like to call Breezy British. 

I am quite causal and cheeky,  but also direct and discreet.



If we are meeting inside for the first time, I prefer meeting you in robe and lingere. 

If you prefer a more proper outfit, just let me know. 

I shave my armpits and pubic area when  *I*  feel the need for a change.  If you are super concerned about another person’s body hair- I am  not the person for you. 


Time Together

Due to SESTA,  I do not openly publish what I do physcial activty wise. What I can do is after light screening, we can book a phone call for $100 to discuss our compatibility. Half of this rate acts as a deposit. Pretty neat!

 If you are not concerned with the nitty gritty details but still want the call that is okay to. 

Our time  is usually spent with 5-10 mins of couch time aka getting to know you. If you prefer not to do this, or want more of this, just let me know. 

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