How Long would you like?

Who is hosting?

Which session style speaks to you most?

Forms can not capture that desire and can be cold in an already disconnected world.

However I do pride myself on having a low screen time for devices- and an email with all the information I need- makes my heart sing.

So the choice is yours, my dear potential suitor-

My lovely form or sending an email with all the same information requested.

Emails can be sent to and both forms and emails responded to within 12 business hours.

Please note that my screening is something customized to my needs and is not like anyone else’s.

I do not take references from anyone I do not know (which does lessen the pool quite a bit), and review board OKs, are seen as supplemental information.

I do give references however  I do need an email from you detailing the provider who will be reaching out.

This extra step helps keep us all safe.




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