Frequently Asked

Why do some deposit methods count towards the the session and others do not?

It is simple- if its “real money” like a cash app/venmo/crytpo  I am able use it as I see fit. 

How does crypto work?

The easiest place to buy bitcoin is Cash app, there are also bitcoin ATMs. We can discuss this over a call as well. 

Do I pay a deposit everytime?


No.  This is because my private incall gives me the luxury of being more lenient . 

 New York and other cities? 

Yes. However I am open to lower the deposit for return friends. 

Where do I buy an amazon card?

There are two options
Option One
Grocery stores like Target, Duane Reed/CVS have them. You can buy them with cash and send me the scratched off card.
You are also able to to buy them electronically via Amazons website.

What to Expect

After I receive the deposit- you will receive an email from me with details. 

If we are set to meet that day- I will send a landmark and my address 90 mins beforehand.
Deposits are required no matter what US city (Seattle, San Francisco, New York, DC, etc.) When I return to International travel – the international policy will be updated.  

      Bits and Bobs 

-Deposits are non refundable. 

-Seattle/NYC deposits have a two month shelf life. 

-They can be redeemed for digital content. 


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