This style is perfect for newbies, folks craving traditional intimacy, and is a terrific starting point for our adventures.

600 hour

800 90 mins

1000 2 hours

1350 3 hours

1500 4 hours


Do you find yourself craving something with a tad bit more umami?

Good thing you have your  personal pornstar and Kinky Friend.
I excel as a pro sub, and have been involved with lifestyle things for years.
If you have a hankering for things your see on sites like this is for you.
This is  also for you if you like trunk port access.


700 hour

900  90 mins

1050 2 hours

1450 3 hours

1500 4 hours

Poetical Science

When we integrate poetry and science it can change our perception of reality. 

Let’s change our realities by becoming fully integrated

12 hours 2500

24 hours 3500

Extra days at 1500