Phone Call 

This call will be roughly 30 mins and is meant to alleviate any hesitancy about compatibility.

This can NOT be done via Facetime or any video chat and is flirty but not sexual in nature.

If you also wish to shoot the shit with me, this is for you.

100/ 30 mins


This style is perfect for newbies, folks craving traditional intimacy, and those wanting just a single serving of a girlfriend. 

600 hour

800 90 mins  

1000 2 hours

1350 3 hours

1500 4 hours


If you crave Yes, Daddy, Oh Please, extra holes and explosions, light role play this is for you.  

 700 hour

900  90 mins

1050 2 hours

1450 3 hours

1500 4 hours

Poetical Science

When we integrate poetry and science it can change our perception of reality- Ada Lovelace 

Let’s change our realities by becoming fully integrated. 

12 hours 2000

24 hours 2500
Extra days can be added for 1k a day.

Please Note:

If you are either

-returning friend who saw me  from  Dec 2020- Sept 2021

– booked an appointment pre 9/16

you are eligible to enjoy my former rates.