Frequently Asked

Why do some deposit methods count towards the the session and others do not?

It is simple- if its “real money” like a cash app/venmo/crytpo  I am able use it as I see fit. 

How does crypto work?

That is a very long answer- but if you would like to learn how you can book a phone consult, or full on appointment. 

Do I pay a deposit everytime?


No.  This is because my private incall gives me the luxury of being more lenient . 

 New York and other cities? 

Yes. However I am open to lower the deposit for return friends. 

What to Expect

After I recieve the deposit- you will recieve an email from me with details. 

If we are set to meet that day- I will send a landmark and my address 90 mins beforehand. 

      Bits and Bobs 

-Deposits are non refundable. 

-Sometimes they can be used up to one month in the future. 

-They can be redeemed for digital content.