Explorations & Endeavors

Post modern Dating

Modern Dating is Dead – Long Live Modern Dating


Are you a fan of  the road not only less traveled

but maybe the road you need snow tires for?

If so – you are in the right place.

If not, I will here when you are ready.

I find such delicious liberation in the  intimacy creation of  shared space, don’t you?

Since we are free from the templates of droll society, we can create our own version of what it mean to adventure, endeavor  and explore.

This is to say- I adore and even shine best during long form style interactions.

Below are some examples of things I would love to share with you.  

 If you have your own idea- I would love to hear it so we can Make it So. 


Deviant Dinner Date

A spin on a classic,  like an organic vodka martini.

Adding bluetooth toys to our dinner gives the thrill of public play, but the secret will be ours.

Maybe every time waitstaff fills your water glass adds another few mins of something I do best?

If these don’t suit, I am sure we can come up with internal rules that sparkle our deviancy.

Clara Rates GFE Fetish NYC Seattle DC

After dinner is had, we can enjoy a little nightcap at your place, mine, or a hotel.

This dating style can be added to any six hours or more session, or done as an individual serving.

When done as an individual serving the time will be evenly split between in public and private.

3-4 hours  1200

Foraging and Foreplay

Do words like lions mane, bolete, chanterelles, shaggy mane, matsutakes and morels make sense to you?

Do you own a signed copy of Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest, or is that just me?

Or do you simply enjoy easy hikes?

Maybe just maybe when we are alone, we take a nude or partially nude forest bath.

Let’s explore different locations and the fungi bounty that nature has to offer, cook up a delicious meal with our bounty and enjoy each other some more.

Includes 4-5 hours of outdoor and 6-8 hours indoors. Can be added to any Peripatetics date.

12 hours- 2,000

Unwind And Unwind

The world is so very busy.

Emails stack up, text messages lay unanswered, even your thermometer pings an alert.

Ever just want to say… fuck it and breathe?

Let’s do just that.
Due to my twin nature of research and adventure, I know some of the most hidden but charming cabins in each major city, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, LA, New York, Chicago and so on.

Put down your work laptop, pick up a book, and live life disconnected for a while.
Daily Yoga sessions included.


1,300 each day after