How do I book you?

It is pretty easy! 

 Just fill out my contact form and wait a bit. My response time is usually within one business  day unless you get an  auto response. 

Where are you located?

Now that is the  $60,000 question now isn’t it?

Pre Covid I was fully bi (tri?)coastal hosting in both Seattle New York and UK/Europe.

However… that is not the case this year.


While in Seattle- I am nesteled in a lovely private residental incall in Wallingford.

While in New York- I can most often be found in Brooklyn or Midtown.


Deposits? I have been ripped off so...

I get it, really. I hire providers too! 

  Hopefully I have via this website that I handcrafted in the css mines, plus my twitter profile, plus reviews on many different sites- have shown that I am  here to stay.  

My deposit policy is more about feeling comfortable in the knowledge you will show vs screening.  My policy is a tad unique so before you say- no way- please check it out. 

Do you do XYZ service? What about IHOP?

While in America, I can not answer service questions.   I would invite you to take a gander at my media (only fans/twitter) to get some clues. I  also have reviews on TER and TNA board.  

If you are still wondering- after light screening we can book a call to discuss compatablity.  Half of the rate of the call goes towards a deposit.  

You mention some kink stuff....

I do indeed!

Kink is self expression to me.  I find that uniting our bodies in a power exchange can be thrilling. 

Please be open and honest about what your kink experience is and what you seek.  This way we are both aligned with each others desires.

Do you have pets?

While in Seattle I have a cat and I also dog sit.   I run a hosptial grade hepa filter for allergies but I would still  take medication. 

What is your Cancelation Policy?

Short notice cancellations do not give me enough time to come up with alternative plans.

Thus, I have a 100% cancellation fee if you cancel within 24 hours and a 50% cancellation fee if you cancel within 48 hours of our scheduled date.

At my discretion, all or part of the cancellation fee may be applied to a future date.

Questions are the root of all answers.
Don’t Be Shy!