Phone Call 

This call will be roughly 30 mins and is meant to alleviate any hestiancy about compatablity. 

This can NOT be done via Facetime or any type of video chat and is not sexy.  

 If you also just wish to shoot the shit with me, this is for you. 

100/ 30 mins 


Do you work remotely and want to get away? Or have a light business trip coming up?  Or maybe just have a ton of vacation time?

Let’s take the slow way to discovering ourselves and each other.

2500/day + 1k a day after until 4 days.

5 days- 6,800

7 days,/ 7,000
10 days  9,000







This date style is perfect for newbies, folks craving traditional intimacy and a kick ass time.

The vibe here is record store clerk hook up. Light, Fun Casual.


650/90 mins 

800 2 hours 

1000/ 3 hours


Ever wanted a Girlfriend to explore kinky things with ?

Craving some “Yes Sirs and Please Daddy?” Can’t stop thinking about that one thing on Pornhub? 

This is best for folks looking for light role play, porn star energy, intensity and explosions. 


750/90 mins 

900 2 hours 

1000/ 3 hours